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“There are too many statistics out here, people going to the pen, going to prison . . . There’s too much of that going on out here. . . I don’t want to be a statistic.” - Greg

"Crossroads Community College: Flying Solo"

The Movie

Greg, a community college student, and Phip, his advisor, chronicle their work together for six months as Greg tackles his schoolwork, legal and financial issues, and the social landscape of college.


Greg video-journals at home, in his car, and in other locations, and Phip videos some of their conversations. What results is a 30-minute documentary that complicates the discussion of how to make the dream of a degree a reality at a time when there is a national push to change, reduce, or eliminate developmental education. 


The Study
Phip Ross produced the movie as part of his doctoral work at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His claim, quite simply, is that teachers need to engage in a study of their relationships with students in order to improve their students' success rates. 

Enter the story now 

The documentary "Crossroads Community College: Flying Solo" can be viewed by clicking the "Watch Now!" button below. Password: college


After watching, please review other materials and join the discussion. 

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